Photo by Nicola Miskin


Fenby Miskin is a large scale portrait photographer.

He has been photographing since the age of 8. Most days he takes at least one photograph. He has always been fascinated by storytelling and portraits.

In addition to Fenby's large scale portrait series he produces Fine Art photographs for sale.

There is also a mischievous side in some of Fenby's urban documentary photography such as the Fun Fair collection.

In 2012 & 2013 Fenby built temporary photographic studios inside shipping containers as part of the Skipton Open Studios exhibition at the Weighbridge public space.

In 2013 Fenby became part of the Art House Collective studio based at La Folie Studios.

In 2014 Fenby set up the "Humans of Jersey" project which is part of an international social documentary project. The Ormerland book of 20 Channel Islands photographers was published and included a selection of Fenby's work.

In 2015 Fenby was the exlusive documentary photographer-in-residence at Elizabeth Castle for the entire 10 day artist lock-in by Jersey Arts Trust & Wildworks.  20 artists were selected from those islands around the world that participated during the NatWest 2015 Island Games held in Jersey.

In 2016 Fenby made 80 portraits at the Library during World Book Day and an additional 90 portraits whilst artist-in-residence at the Fort Regent leisure centre. He was also the project manager for the Skipton Open Studios 2016.

Fenby is currently working on a new community portrait series. These will all be shot on location and introduce a sense of "place". These will also be made using a film camera rather than digital to achieve the desired look.

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